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Welcome to f16photographydedicated to architectural and general urban photography.

My name is Blair Hastings.  For many years I practised as an architect here in Auckland. I only have my nose in the design magazines these days – my eyes (or eye) seldom looks up from the viewfinder.  I walk into a lot of things!  My lifelong passion for photography took over, but not before I realised that the strength of the relationship between the two creative pursuits, and my combined experience in each industry, was enough to pursue the former professionally.

What is ‘f16’?   It refers to a measure of aperture, recorded in ‘stops’ – f-stops.  The bigger the number (and 16 is big), the smaller the hole and the larger the depth of field.  Dial in a shutter and film speed, set your aperture, release the button and you’ve got yourself a photograph.  Small hole – big number – Architectural stock in trade – everything in focus: it works.  Actually … f11 is typically better, but who’s counting!

Tradition is to be respected; it has its place. Architectural photography however can, and probably should, be anything but traditional.  Just as each built form differs from the next, so should every photographic record made of it – reflecting its uniqueness, in concept, appearance, context and use. Easier said than done, right?  But in approaching each project with innovative technique and open-minded creative thinking, it’s possible, and it’s my goal.  So will f16 (or f11) still be in the mix?  Of course, it works.

Like every photographer, I love light.  As an architect I do too.  Architects and photographers think very similarly, in terms of colour, form, framing, perspective and context.  As a professional in the building and construction industry for over 15 years I also think commercially – I know you do too.  I’m about interpreting your brief and your vision, to surprise you with the photographs you weren’t anticipating.

I welcome your approach.  I have taken care of professional construction industry needs for many years.  I am Site Safe registered.  Let me help you.

Blair Hastings Architectural Photographer  blair@f16photography.co.nz  022 6647319


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